At LifeSong, we believe that the we gather together in community with one another, and with God, we learn to live the kind of life Jesus offers in John 10:10 – a life of fullness, a deeply satisfying and better life than we could have ever dreamed of doing on our own!
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Project New Life

Three Year Resource Movement

The Core vision of Project New Life is to develop a missional event space in East Orlando located directly on our church campus. We see this space as an opportunity to create a venue where we can all be a part of offering multiple missional and strategic efforts to meet the very real needs of our community. This is a three year $500,000 goal that includes: new space buildout, current space remodeling, new vision staffing, operational reserve, debt reduction, and missions. 


If you resonate with this vision and feel compelled to give to it, please complete the back of this commitment card and turn in during of after worship between now and November 12th — or at the Project New Life Thanksgiving luncheon on November 12th (after the 11am worship service).


If you’d like to learn more about being a part of this exciting vision or have further questions, contact Pastor Tim at either: or 407-273-8368 ext. 203.

*Consider giving online. You can easily setup online giving for Project New Life here on the website. Simply click on the giving tab and select Project New Life. You can make this a recurring gift that matches this printed commitment. 
*This card serves as a prayerful commitment. As the Lord leads you can adjust your commitment at any time. (And as always, feel free to contact Pastor Tim if you need pastoral care.)