At LifeSong, we believe that the we gather together in community with one another, and with God, we learn to live the kind of life Jesus offers in John 10:10 – a life of fullness, a deeply satisfying and better life than we could have ever dreamed of doing on our own!
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Join us as we find new growth together!

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A Note From Pastor Tim:

Oct. 2017


Dear LifeSong Church,


In December of 2016, I had yet another opportunity to put my full trust in the Lord. As the tenant for the largest space on our campus abruptly left… my immediate thought was one of fear. But as I feared, God began to instill in me a deep sense of peace and a call to trust Him more. Rather than only seeing a gap in tenant occupancy, God instead began to show me growth in opportunity for our church.


I was reminded this past Sunday night, at a parenting workshop we offered, that effective parenting isn’t about the comfort of the present moment. It’s about the need 10 years in the future will bring. Parenting that shapes and forms the heart and life of a child has the ability to look ahead and see what the need is way down the road and to parent with that future goal in mind. Church life is similar. Effective churches don’t live in the comfort of the immediate moment but with the future in mind. Scripture attests to this often. For example, father Abraham is led to a land “God will show him.” Abraham steps out with this future goal in view and into a reality that every step along the way will require faithful trust.


LifeSong is a church plant. We were formed because those who launched this church alongside Pastor Lyndol and Joni were willing to see the future with great clarity. They saw a church in east Orlando that would offer Jesus to this community. Eleven years later we hear countless stories of people who have encountered the Lord because of faithful decisions that were made by people who trusted God. We are now being called to do the same.


It’s a statistical fact that for every year a church is in existence, that same church’s ability to reach into the community lessens. This is why most churches age out and become ineffective. An important part of keeping vibrantly alive is to refuse to become complacent. Churches that more effectively reach their communities typically make decisions that require faith and intention as they step into those communities. With this in mind, the Leadership Committee of LifeSong, by consensus, recently agreed to a 3 – year capital campaign we are more spiritually naming: Project New Life. As your pastor, I’m really excited to take this journey with you over the course of the next three years as we walk by faith and trust God with the ongoing story of this church plant. What follows will give a window into some of the more prominent details related to Project New Life.


In Jesus,

Pastor Tim

What is Project New Life?

a 3 Year Movement that  includes:

New Space Buildout – 210K

A missional event space in East Orlando located directly on our church campus. LifeSong is surrounded by countless subdivisions filled with young families and working professionals. We see this space as an opportunity to create a venue where multiple missionary and strategic efforts can be offered that would meet the very real needs of our community. Some examples might include:

– A viable coffee house where people can meet and grow relationally

– A co-op space where people can rent periodic work-space

– A workshop setting where people from our church can connect with and assist people in the community through sessions on: marriage, parenting, hobbies, organization, personal growth lessons (like how to interview for a job or write a solid resume), etc… the options are limitless…

– A space for local businesses to rent and use for professional development or work retreats

– A catering space for special events (corporate or personal)

– A tutoring location for kids

– An event space for the church to conduct marriage enrichment seminars, worship, dinners, etc…

Current Space Remodeling – 60K

Updates to paint and elements of the space, including electrical lighting and use of window/ambient lighting.

New Vision Staffing – 70K

Hiring of new staff to oversee new facility ministries and to fill much-needed ministry gaps in staffing at LifeSong.

Operational Reserves/Debt Reduction – 110K

in order to be attentive to fulfilling and/or addressing our ongoing financial needs/commitments.

Missions – 50K 

(10% of full project amount)

Giving to meet needs beyond our walls and our community.

Total Goal: 500K over 3 years

Next Steps

1.  Pray – sacrificial giving moves us to trust the Lord and be closer to Him. As you feel led to give above and beyond your normal giving, pray about the amount of your pledge and what God would have you do.


2.  Discuss – take time to share with your family/others. Also, if you need to meet and discuss your intentions or concerns directly with Pastor Tim, feel free to contact him at to schedule an appointment.


3.  Commit – plan to express what God would have you do when we enter the pledge process and the timing of fulfilling your commitments. (you can give now if you feel led as we have already established an account for funds given to Project New Life)


4.  Get involved – we will be having opportunities for you to serve… demo days, November dinner celebration, testimonies, accomplishing certain buildout elements, etc… the more you step into the process the more involved and rewarded you’ll feel.

(Be sure to select “Project New Life” in the drop-down menu!)