At LifeSong, we believe that the we gather together in community with one another, and with God, we learn to live the kind of life Jesus offers in John 10:10 – a life of fullness, a deeply satisfying and better life than we could have ever dreamed of doing on our own!
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Story of God image

“Story of God” Reading Plan

Act 1: Creation

(Weeks 1 – 2)

Week 1


(Aug. 27 – Sept. 2)

Day 1: Genesis 1:1-25

What strikes you most about how God creates?

What do you think it is about creation that makes God continue to notice its “goodness”?

Do you notice any other patterns here?

Day 2: Genesis 1:26 – 2:3

Why do you think God creates humans last?

What purpose/instructions does God have for these first people?

What do you think it means for God to create humans in “his own image”?

Day 3: Genesis 2:4-25

Why do you think there are 2 accounts of creation in the Bible?

What are some of the differences and what do they tell us about God’s nature?

This is the first time God says something is “not good”. Why is that? What does God do to resolve the problem?

Day 4: Genesis 3:1-24

In what ways does the serpent twist God’s words when he’s talking to Eve?

Why do you think Adam and Even ended up eating the fruit?

What are the “results” of their actions that God describes? How do you see these play out in life today?

Day 5: Genesis 4:1-16

What was the difference in Cain’s offering versus Able’s?

Why do you think Cain gets so angry?

What does God’s interactions with Cain reveal about who he is?

Week 2


(Sept. 3-9)

Day 1: Genesis 6:9-22

What makes Noah so different from the rest of the people around him?

Why do you think God decides to “start over” with creation at this point?

If you were Noah, would it have been easy or hard to trust God & follow?

Day 2: Genesis 7:1-24

How do God’s instructions to bring animals on the boat fit with his desire to “wipe the slate clean”?

Why do you think Noah’s sons and their wives were allowed on the boat when only he was “righteous”?

Have you ever been in a situation in life where you felt like God was asking you to trust him in the middle of a storm?

Day 3: Genesis 8:1-22

If you had been on the boat for months and months like Noah, waiting for the ground to dry, what kinds of questions would you have had for God?

Why do you think the very first thing Moses does after leaving the boat is worship God? Would this have been your response?

What does God promise to Moses at the end of this section? Why is that significant?

Day 4: Genesis 9:1-17

How is this section of the story like the original creation Genesis 1-2? How is it different?

Why do you think God sets up rules about violence here (verses 5-6)?

What is the covenant/agreement that God is committing to? What might that mean for us today?

Day 5: Genesis 9:18-29

What motivated the people to build the tower? How is this similar or different to what motivates people today?

Why does the people’s building of a tower “bother” God? (Is it more than him just not wanting them to succeed together?)

How might people being “scattered” help them accomplish God’s initial purpose for humanity? (take a look back at Genesis 1:28)